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RELATED: Singer Tweet Is Back in the Spotlight—This Time on Her Own Terms “Reactions to the latest allegations about Bryant, who ran for a congressional seat in September, but withdrew after eight days, have been mixed.

There's the camp who finds the allegations hardly scandalous.

We have grown into an incredible friendship; I call her my “Last Lady.” In the segment Tweet admitted that the hardest part about dating him was “the other women” and how others judged her.

RELATED: ESSENCE Fest Artist Tweet: My Life in 10 Songs In May, contributing writer Demetria Lucas D'Oyley wrote about new allegations against Pastor Bryant where an LA-based masseuse accused the minister of fathering her 10-month-old son, and failing to financially support the child.

For several years though, we hadn’t heard a peep from Tweet.

She was signed to Missy Elliott's music label The Goldmind Inc.

Looks like love if officially in the works for Pastor Jamal Bryant and “Oops (Oh My)” singer, Tweet.

I wanted to do this on my own and prove to myself that I could do it and be a business woman. Missy and I were riding and Tim had given her a CD of some tracks and that track came on.

Not to say that we aren’t gonna work together and haven’t tried to, but it’s just our schedules and things just didn’t pan out on this album. We’re still friends and all that stuff, but this one was just for me to prove as a businesswoman that I could really do it on my own.“Oops Oh My” was very sexually suggestive, do you have anything like that planned for this album? I just started singing ‘oops’ in a song and she was like ‘oh my god we need to do this record’ So I started singing a song about pulling my skirt down and it was just an accident.

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Earlier this year, the singer revealed to the Los Angeles Times that she had hit “rock bottom” not too long ago while struggling with alcoholism and depression:“I took myself on a spiritual journey. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t made that choice to go back and rededicate myself. Bryant has a few struggles in his past as well including rumored issues of infidelity leading to a divorce from Real Housewives of Potomac star, Gizelle Bryant in 2009 and scandal surrounding a child he allegedly fathered out of wedlock this past spring.

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