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News, Good Morning America, Nightline, Glamour, Ask Men,, and dozens of other print, online, and television outlets. Her 5th book “Screwing The Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love” was published in December 2014 with Running Press. It’s likely because there’s a higher chance that single parents have their lives together, and know how to nurture and care for another, are strong and independent, are dependable, know what they want as well as how to give and receive love. Don’t get me wrong, this trend is not about promoting the dismantling of the two-parent household; it’s that our collective culture is finally catching up with our changing reality. As a mom, you’re wired to put your children before yourself. But like they tell you on airplanes, you can’t help anyone with their oxygen mask until you put your own on.In those months of being alone, I found my own happiness.Maybe it’s choice, maybe it’s bad luck (or good luck) and maybe it shouldn’t even be factored into the relationship. ” That’s more important than his past marital status, don’t you think?So as I peruse my Facebook and Twitter, I see this lovely blog from a Shawn James, stating his 14 reasons why real men don’t date single mothers. Something tells me, that his experiences with women who don’t have children, probably goes along these lines as well. And being a man without kids, I’m not exactly sure what makes him the authority to tell someone they aren’t beautiful or attractive simply because they are single with children.

You might have a really fun time with your nephew at Christmas, but this isn't the same as cleaning up vomit at 3 a.m. Planning time for mascara is hard enough; popular culture becomes the Great White Buffalo. But the fact of the matter remains that the kids are here, and they need to be cared for. I don’t expect anyone to run up and save me, because as far as I’m concerned, I can save myself, thank you very much. We all don’t need captains for our boats, we’re not all sinking. Once again, that sky- is-always-falling-so-she-can-have-attention type of woman is like that with or without kids. Apparently we all just want to use a guy to get our child’s father back or to just get free meals and gifts. He brought an airport carousel full of luggage to saddle one group of women with, but apparently we’re the ones with magazine amounts of issues. James seems to associate a horrible pathetic, pitiful, unattractive, and fat life for single mothers. To say any man would be her last priority just because clearly you were made to be a last priority by someone is ridiculous. Hell, I messed up with my choices in fathers, TWICE! Again, that just has to be the type of woman he gets. I didn’t bring everyone my problems before my kids, I don’t bring them to everyone now. “A single mother has no interest in a man she’s dating.” The hurt just oozes from this statement. James, I am 26, have two kids with two different men, I’m 5′ 7″, 230 lbs, and currently am a cashier at retail store and a front desk agent at a hotel. I bet money that the number of men who lie about how many children they have, outnumbers the women. If I am already “never available” as he’s previously stated, I don’t have time to waste. Everyone has baggage, children are not a requirement for it.One thing parenting doesn’t make easy though, it dating.You read books on how to give birth and how to breastfeed, but learning how to date when you have a child seems much more complicated.

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If she wasn’t before her children, most likely she isn’t now. You don’t have to think so, because it’s not meant for you, to be quite honest. The simple fact: she is taking care of her children….which is “taking responsibility for her actions.” Now as for always putting the situation on the “no good man,” yes, plenty of single mothers say that, but that does not describe EVERY single one of us. Because his whole blog was not the slightest bit dramatic, but I digress. We have great days and bad days like everyone else.