Itunes library not updating

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Itunes library not updating

This troubleshooting article explains how to fix the issue of i Tunes not syncing songs back to your i Phone or i Pod.In most cases, the problem is caused by misconfigured i Tunes sync settings for your i Phone or i Pod.It is possible that you will have music in your i Tunes library that might not appear in Serato DJ.This could be due to a corrupt i Tunes XML database.Do note this guide is aimed at resolving actual syncing problems (ie: the transfer of data between i Tunes and the computer), not at problems with detecting the devices themselves.

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A full list of supported file types can be found here. It is reading from an XML file which is backup system i Tunes created for it's own database, which allows third-party software (like Serato DJ) to read your i Tunes library.

If, for whatever reason, this XML get's corrupted by i Tunes, you may see such issues like incorrect date added tags, missing files, new files not showing up when added to your i Tunes library etc.

If your i Tunes library continues to not show up in Serato DJ after creating a new i Tunes Music Library. Any information between the when your i Tunes file was last updated and now will, unfortunately, be gone.

XML go to the i Tunes folder and check that it is called 'i Tunes Music Library. XML'You have now created a new i Tunes XML file for Serato DJ to read. However moving forward you should now have a that will update regularly and this will be reflected in your Serato Library. This will reset the 'Date Added' column in your i Tunes library.

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Apple released i Tunes 12.5.1 earlier today introducing a redesign for Apple Music that it first showed off during its unveiling of mac OS Sierra earlier this year.

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