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To my knowledge, I don’t think there are any acne fetishists out there (although you never know).

I’m pretty sure everyone would generally prefer if acne just didn’t exist. I know we always think that our skin is way worse just because it’s ours, but acne is a thing that happens to real people everywhere all the time.

bitch wtf u think I've been fucking trying to do!?!? When we stay over we bring our whole bathroom cabinet. If we seem a bit miserable sometimes, it's because we are. We've heard it a thousand times from our dermatologist, popping just opens up the gate to all sorts of other evil bacteria.15. Scars can take months to fade, which is basically just another kick in the crotch. So many of us live with it, we're fed up of not seeing it represented on-screen. We thought we'd left all that shit behind in high school and now we're going through it all over again. But, apparently people with acne will look younger for longer. RC2— ♡ (@fatimaa Cakess) March 31, 2017 10. It can get to the point where we're so tired and frustrated that we find ourselves trying to home-make a concoction of aspirin and honey at midnight because we read about it on some suspect website.11. As much as we'd love to be spontaneous and casually decide to spend the night at yours, we need to plan ahead. Acne can slowly eat away at someone's confidence and self-esteem.14.

It's pure torture but if we don't, we'll kick ourselves the next day when yet another spot pops up. For some of us, wearing it makes us feel just a little less crap.6.

We can feel really dirty, even though our faces are so clean.

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I mean, going on dates, or starting a new relationship, is hard enough as it is.

It winds us right up when people think acne is caused by dirt. Our skin can be both dry AF and greasy AF at the same time.

We are so meticulous with our skincare routines and our faces are probs My biggest pet peeve is when ppl try and tell me how to fix my fucking acne problems... Why are there never any women with acne in movies or on TV shows? Adult acne just feels like a never-ending sick joke. Hormones, stress, pollution, we cannot control these things, we are not witches.

“One of the most painful things when it comes to acne is that it’s right there on your face,” Dr.

Jenn Mann, former acne sufferer and author of told

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Just know if you do, the whole time we'll be wondering when you last washed your hands and freaking out about all the bacteria you're rubbing into our skin. A) you haven't been through the hell we have trying to cure it. Hearing about other women who've become clear-skinned by giving up certain foods does give us hope.

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