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Debt consolidation is nothing more than a con because you think you're starting with a clean slate.

But the truth is the debt is still there, as are the habits that caused it—you just moved it!

Best of all, we offer low monthly payments that will fit within your budget and we approve business debt consolidation loans for business owners with FICO credit scores starting at 620 and above.

Fimerica business debt consolidation loans have helped many business owners struggling with business debt.

Consider this, if you stack merchant cash advances you are responsible for multiple daily payments being drafted from your business account every business day; before you stack, be sure to conduct a thorough cash analysis to ensure affordability.

Myth: Debt consolidation saves interest, and there’s one smaller payment.

Truth: Debt consolidation is dangerous because it only treats the symptom.

A large number have been enticed to Stack multiple merchant cash advance loans, and now find themselves in a dire business debt situation.

Getting approved for multiple merchant cash advances, the practice of stacking, is relatively common.

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